Apply NOW!! LGBTI Youth Media Workshop 2018

LGBTI Youth Media Workshop 2018

Are you from Botswana?

Are you 18 – 24 years?

Do you indentify as LGBTI?

We are looking for you to participate in an exciting project organised by the Gender Health and Justice Research Unit (UCT) and LEGABIBO.

The project is to develop media, including podcasts, zines and comics for LGBTI youth. The project works with LGBTI youth to explore their own experiences, intersecting identities, and visions for the future, and to develop accessible youth friendly media based on their experiences. 

Firstly, we will host one introductory 2-day workshop. In this workshop, LGBTI young people will develop and articulate their own understanding of themselves and their identities.

Secondly, we will host a larger gathering in Nairobi, Kenya where the young people who participated in each of the three (Botswana, Zimbabwe and Kenya) country workshops will have an opportunity to meet each other, share their experiences, and in the process they will co-create the themes story lines for a comic that will be produced by a graphic artist, and audio content for podcasts about young LGBT life in Africa.

If you are interested, simply download the application form HERE!!

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