LeGaBiBo hosts third annual Batho Ba Lorato Film Festival

LeGaBiBo hosts 3rd annual Batho Ba Lorato Film Festival

LeGaBiBo this year once again hosted the annual Batho Ba Lorato film festival, which was from the 24th – 28th February at the University of Botswana. The main aim of Batho Ba Lorato is to empower the LGBTI community in Botswana, and to establish and unlock a free open cultural environment in which the LGBTI persons are able to affirm, question and expand their identities. And it is through films that we seek to create a forum for discussion with the society at large, dismantling myths and old-fashioned stereotypes that continue to obstruct the development of the LGBT community in Botswana.

This year’s theme was centered on the victorious legal battle between LeGaBiBo and the Government of Botswana. The theme was simply tagged “Re Batswana”, which translates to “We are Batswana”. The five day event showcased films and documentaries from across the African continent which raised awareness about the different issues that the LGBTI community in Botswana face is not however exclusive to the queer community but to everyone regardless of your sexual orientation. There were two screenings which shed the spotlight on the LGBTI community in Botswana. This year’s film festival was made possible with the financial support of the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI). Additional support was from Steps, Iranti-org, Envisioning and Kat – Kol International. Batho Ba Lorato in the future aims to work in partnership with other film festivals within the region to help curb homophobia within Africa.

LeGaBiBo’s main aims have been to advocate for LGBTI rights in Botswana through; Community mobilization, empowerment of membership, raising awareness of LGBTI rights and creating partnerships around LGBTI issues. LEGABIBO exists to facilitate the realization of human rights for LGBTI people in the Botswana through monitoring human rights, raising awareness and building partnerships.

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