LEGABIBO 2nd Annual General Meeting

LEGABIBO board has set a date for the AGM (Annual General Meeting)

Date: 19th October 2013.

This year’s AGM affords you the membership the platform to vote for your board representation of your choice or stand for a board position. The following are the board positions in contention: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, two additional members.

Constitutionally, member is defined as follows:

Article 3.1.4 “Member” shall mean any individual and non-governmental organisation that has been accepted by the Executive Committee and has paid its annual subscription fees.

Article 8.4.6 Candidates for elections may only be nominated by fully paid-up member organisations;

That means only those people who have paid up their annual subscriptions (P60) will be allowed to vote and stand for board positions.

Article 8.4.7 Nomination letter must be received by the Electoral Officer two weeks before the Annual General Meeting

We therefore ask that once you have settled your subscription fee, please submit you nominations for the board positions by October 5th at 1pm (1300hrs)

So please get in contact with LEGABIBO at 393 2516 or 71340794 or email legabibocoordinator@bonela.org to update your membership. All those who are outside Gaborone, you can contact the office through the our district focal persons.

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